Leader of the Wolf Pack and Gangrel Archon, Ballard's temporary Sheriff


Tough as nails, but no one has seen him turn into a wolf yet.


“We ride, and Hell follows after.”

Tyrus is thought to be quite old, possibly even Elder status, but he appears to be a 20-something biker with a shaved head. He also has a lot of uncomfortable-looking piercings, and closeup one can see scarification on various parts of his body. He is not always in Chicago, but when he is, he tends to support Lodin. It is not known what he receives in return.

As leader of the Wolf Pack, he has to be the smartest and the toughest, and he seems to fit the bill. Other members of the Wolf Pack include Kyrie, another Gangrel, Rod and Goodman. A fifth member of the Wolf Pack died during the recent Anarch troubles, but was later replaced by Brick.

Tyrus and the Wolf Pack seem to have survived the Garou attack, and they are currently serving as some of the city’s only enforcement. He has revealed his status as an Archon serving the Gangrel Justicar.

Threw Tyler out a window of the John Hancock Center, then had his arms severed by Constantine, falling to his own death right behind her.


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