Tracy Graves

A Tremere with an artistic bent


Sire: Violetta
Childe: Duecallion


Tracy Graves was clearly an artist in her life, and she has tried to continue her work in her unlife. She held one art showing at Elysium years ago, and was snubbed by the Toreador and mocked by the harpies. Since, she has lived it down to some degree, but has become reclusive, only sometimes appearing at Elysium at all.

After the Garou attack, Tracy redoubled her time spent with her Sire Violetta, training, and takes more precautions to keep herself safe, including creating a couple of Ghouls and undergoing Thaumaturgical preparations each night before she goes out.

She has recently been superceded by her childe Duecallion as the focus of Violetta’s attention, which has not made her happy, but perhaps she already learned what she sought to learn.

Tracy Graves

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