once posing as a neonate, revealed to be the Ancient Helenaof Troy?


Apart from the grace, insight and charisma that is common to the Toreador, it isn’t clear what particular capabilities Portia has. She never seems to be out of her depth, but that could simply be a good poker-face.

Her otherworldly beauty is quite distracting to other Toreador, particularly now that she has become more confident and outgoing.

It has recently been proven that Horatio Ballard, and possibly many more of his supporters, are blood-bound to Portia. The “neonate” is definitely more than she seems.

Childe of Deiphobus, childe of Ishtar, childe of Arakis, childe of Caine.


The “neonate” known as Portia has been revealed to be an ancient vampire known as Helena, apparently locked in some kind of conflict with another ancient, Menele, who has recently awoken in Chicago.

“You are welcome here, as long as you don’t bring trouble down on me. If you need something else, maybe we can talk.”

Portia is a Toreador Neonate who arrived in the city a year or so ago. She is reclusive and has a reputation for being aloof, or possibly shy. She seems to have come out of her shell in recent months, however, and has become something of a social butterfly.

She is now the new owner of the Succubus Club, though she has modified it so that it is more like a rave, periodically changing location, with information on where to go only provided to those “in the know.” Portia seems to have come into her own in the past year, and has a great deal of poise. Toreador who see her now tend to lose track of what is going on for a time – Portia pretends not to notice. The loss of Prias affected her deeply, but she is moving forward with her unlife.

The new Succubus Club is welcoming to anarchs and other malcontents, as well as those stylish to be able to get in (and find it in the first place), but less so to the more powerful Elders. Portia expresses no interest in the political machinations of the city, though she’s always happy to listen to some gossip. She is of course not stupid, and would never prevent an Elder from visiting, but her intent seems to be more of a place where subversive types and even deviants would be welcome.

Over the past few months, Portia has gained a lot of support from her regulars – those who don’t necessarily fit into one of the factions vying for control of Chicago. Jason Newberry and his growing cadre of Blood Dolls continue to be a major fixture in the Succubus scene, but other regulars include Trent Lufkin who is often providing music for Succubus, and his new SO Gavriella. Lolita Houston is a regular as well, with what seems to be his/her on-again, off-again girlfriend Marguerite. Even Tommy Hinds is known to frequent Succubus, as well as the PCs on occasion.

Tamoszius became a regular for a while, but he has not been seen in some time. Sophia Ayes could also frequently be seen, dancing and demanding attention at the club, but she too has not been seen for a few weeks.

Since the fall of the city to the Sabbat, Tamoszius and Sophia have not been seen, and Portia has not been making her movements public either. The Succubus has become just a local term for any rave or large impromptu party, though Blood Dolls still attend these when they can find them.


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