Ginny Bowling

Uncanny Gangrel Vampire


Major Attributes:

Strength – 4 – specialty “Claws Like Anvils”
Dexterity – 4 – specialty “Lightning Reflexes”
Stamina – 4 – specialty “Tough as Nails”

Major Abilities:

Survival – 4 – specialty “Woodland”


Fortitude – 4
Protean – 4
Celerity – 3
Auspex – 1


Ginny has always been an odd girl, prone to quietly observing and, occasionally, making off-color comments about her environment.

Her mother and father evidently felt that the best way to ensure a child’s well-being was to provide her with everything money could buy, and, as such, they were largely physically absent from Ginny’s life, devoting their time instead to their lucrative careers as a corporate lawyer and a finance consultant, respectively.

They did, in their estimation, make up for this lack of direct involvement by placing Ginny in the finest private school and buying her nice clothes and toys.

Despite being provided with such amenities, Ginny never quite managed to establish a place for herself in the social hierarchy at this elite school. Something about her was always just… off. She wore the right clothes — but she didn’t wear them right. She looked people in the eye a little too long — or not at all. She didn’t respond when spoken to — or she volunteered her opinion where it wasn’t invited. The girl never could seem to learn the steps of society’s dance, and, as such, in her free time, she was usually to be found off by herself, doodling in her notebook or playing with rocks or bugs or blades of grass.

Ginny’s grades were never spectacular, and, as such, she eventually lost her place at the exclusive school. This landed her squarely in the savage halls of the public junior high, where she endured more direct harassment and bullying than she had at the hands of the more passive-aggressive denizens of the private school.

In response to this treatment, Ginny withdrew, trying to make herself as invisible as possible. When they said she was fat, she stopped eating. When they poked fun at her acne, she arranged her hair in curtains over her face. When boys made lewd comments, she began wearing baggier clothes. She soon became like a spectre gliding the halls, desperate to elude notice. Attempts to needle her were met with ferine outbursts. Other students eventually labeled her “creepy,” and, in time, largely left her alone.

So it was that Ginny began to pass her days like an invisible eye, seeing, but never being seen. Solitude was empty, but she preferred it. Observing others’ dramas provided some respite from the monotony, and stray and wild animals served as her only companionship. The girl’s thoughts turned to suicide from time to time, but something in her persevered, despite the vacuousness of her existence. While she wasn’t much else, Ginny was a survivor.

Why Inyanga chose her, Ginny hasn’t the foggiest. But this new form suits her reclusive inclinations, as well as her almost bestial survival instinct. She no longer feels any need to pretend at being human, and that suits her just fine. She goes on much as she did before, but without parents to disappoint or peers to amuse or frighten. She will outlive them all, and she takes an odd sort of pride in that — even if it kind of sucks being thirteen forever…

UPDATE: 1998

Much has transpired since Ginny was embraced as a girl. She has found a place for herself in the Sabbat, where the Path of the Feral Heart provides her an ethical compass that suits her feral sensibilities. She has expanded her powers and abilities, becoming quite formidable in combat. Her friend and packmate Donald has employed his powers of fleshcrafting to mold her appearance to suit her actual age – 20 – though she remains petite at 5’1.

Ginny has learned that her sire is not, in fact, Inyanga, but one of Inyanga’s childer, a Camarilla enforcer named Doyle – now deceased – who turned her in order to prevent her destiny of becoming one of the Garou, or werewolves, mortal enemies of the Kindred. As a result, an angry spirit of that therianthropic race lingers with Ginny. Ginny has considered attempting to banish this spirit, but such an effort would require a perilous foray into the spirit world.

Ginny Bowling

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