Donald X

Passionate Hardcore Punk Musician. Easy to Anger.


Major Attributes:
Strength 4 (Powerful Arms)
Intelligence 4 (Creative)

Major Abilities:
Performance 4 (Singing)
Leadership 4 (“The Cause”)

Celerity 3
Presence 3
Potence 2
Vicissitude 2
Fortitude 1
Auspex 1

Resources 1
Generation 4
Allies 3 (Switchblade Armoire)
Fame 2
Status (Sabbat) 1
Herd 1

+ Blush of Health
++ Enchanting Voice
- Prey Exclusion (Downtrodden)
- Dependent


“I don’t believe in property!”


Long before his local fame and recognition as Cabbage and now Switchblade Armoire’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Donald Freeman and his younger half-sister, Allison Reed, were victims of a crowded foster system. From home to home they went, each one abusive or neglectful in their own ways, until they were separated.

They finally reunited when Donald was sixteen, on his own and having run away from his last home where he was sexually abused. He found his sister, now eight years old, in yet another foster home, this one just as terrible as any other they had been in. However, the boy couldn’t bring himself to forcing his sister to live on the streets as he did, so he left her there, but made sure to visit periodically.

While struggling to survive, Donald ended up meeting and crashing with future bandmate and drummer Jack Elroy, a small figurehead in the punk scene known for his technical drumming style. It was through Elroy that Donald discovered his passion for music, especially the raw, unmatched power of punk and hardcore. Soon enough, Donald found himself filling in for Jack’s band’s singer. Cabbage was formed shortly after.

It was during his time with Cabbage that Donald became a known figure in the punk scene. A combination of his powerful vocals, wild stage presence, and advocacy against oppression and for human rights ended up making him a local star. Cabbage even made the rounds on a local rock station with their hit “Destroy, Rebuild,” though Donald’s profanity-filled speech about burning down Chicago at the end of the song was obviously cut from the radio version.

Unfortunately, Donald and Jack’s similar views would end up deviating as Jack ended up pursuing more extreme, isolationist views. The two went their separate ways, and Jack ended up forming a grindcore band Kill Them All. Donald remained with the other members of Cabbage, and, since compositional duties now fell on Donald, the band took on a new name to reflect the new change to their sound: Switchblade Armoire.

While with Switchblade Armoire, Donald ended up meeting Anita Wainright, a passionate individual with whom he ended up feeling an immediate kinship with and attraction to. He did not and could not know the various ways she would change, end, and rejuvenate his life.

Now a fledgling vampire, Donald must navigate the vicious dog-eat-dog politics of his new world. Luckily, he’s not alone, and he has old friends by his side as well as some new. And, if he ever needs help from a mortal buddy, he can always call on his guitarist and best friend Tanner Erak.


Donald is of average height, dark skinned, with large, fierce eyes. He lets his hair grow into an afro, but cuts it every now and then to keep it neat. His outfits typically consist of punk shirts, a black leather jacket, ripped skinny jeans, and black combat boots. He occasionally wears offensive symbols, such as an upside-down cross or a swastika, in order to provoke reactions or thought, or sometimes just out of pure irony.

Switchblade Armoire

Switchblade Armoire’s sound is a blend of punk, indie rock, and hardcore, leading some to label their music as post-hardcore, much like Fugazi or Girls Against Boys. While Cabbage’s lyrics were exceptionally political, Switchblade Armoire’s lyrical content tends to reflect more introspective and personal themes, though left-wing politics do still play a heavy role in their sound, style, and imagery.

The Cock

Donald is currently masquerading as the caped crusader of Chicago known as The Cock.

Donald X

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