The Ventrue once ran Chicago – now no one really does. Horatio Ballard is trying to rally the remnants of the Brood, but not all of them are buying it. Alan Sovereign has sided with Ballard for now, as has Balthazar, and Ballard’s new childe Ian Gibson has little say in the matter.

The Ventrue run Chicago. Specifically, Lodin and his “Brood” run Chicago. A quarter of the city’s kindred are Ventrue, and every Ventrue elder or ancilla is a member of Lodin’s line.

The recent Anarch war has given the Ventrue an opportunity to frame all opponents in that light and to execute a city-wide crack down. The war did create a number of openings, however, and it is possible that neonates will soon be Embraced to fill them.

Prince: Lodin (DEAD)
Primogen: Horatio Ballard
Seneschal: Edward Nealy (DEAD)
Whip: Alan Sovereign
Keeper of Elysium: John Colosimo

Confirmed dead: Brennon Thornhill, Edward Nealy, Lodin
Missing: Edgar Drummond, Jacob Schumpeter, John Colosimo,


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