Hell House

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Hell House is a three-story building and an adjacent bar (the wall separating them has been knocked down haphazardly) that is now the main venue for Kill Them All and other hardcore bands in the city. It has gotten to the point where neighbors have stopped bothering to report the noise spilling out onto the street – the police never seem to do much about it.

Hell House has replaced the Fireside Bowling Alley as a primary Anarch hangout – Nihilists in particular.

Now that the Sabbat controls the city, Hell House has become Hell Block. The entire city block, including some burned-out storefronts, apartments, and a couple abandoned bars have all been swallowed up by nihilists, punks, Blood Dolls, gangs and hunting Sabbat. It is Hoodwink’s domain, though, and you have to have their ok to be there.

Hell House

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