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Before Brennon Thornhill built Stardust, which would become the Succubus Club, there was a speakeasy called Exit in the city that catered to kindred. It is not known whether it has survived the many upheavals in the city since then, but the rumor is that the Elders who were around in the 20s still gather there for clandestine meetings. It is said to be a door in an alleyway somewhere in the city that reads, simply, “Exit,” making it challenging to find.

Another rumor is that the Malkavians gather there, called to it by subtle cues that no one else can see, and that it is a different door every time, but the same club. Malkavians tend to neither confirm nor deny this.

The Sabbat has put some small effort into locating Exit, but they have been unsuccessful, and the Archbishop considers it to be one more piece of urban legend left behind by the Camarilla.


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