Chicago Read Mental Health Center

Dunning asylum1

Once the Dunning Insane Asylum, a notorious place of widespread abuse before modern reforms in mental health care began to take hold. There is still an abandoned wing of the old Asylum attached to the Mental Health Center – it is condemned, but too expensive to bulldoze and clean up.

The Mental Health Center is the center of Malkavian influence under Maureen O’Leary and Jason Newberry.

Jason has now taken over, as Maureen is nowhere to be found, and the medical center is the center of his control over the healthcare system of Chicago. Or it would be, if Oliver Genet, M.D. wasn’t gunning for the same spot.

Generally speaking, Jason controls the mental health system, while Genet controls the city morgue and coroner’s office. They are battling it out over who will have the final say in the hospital and nursing system.

Chicago Read Mental Health Center

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