Tag: Yom al Din


  • Violetta

    Violetta is terrifying to kindred because of her ability to summon and control fire. She is the Tremere equivalent of "muscle." She barely survived the Garou attack, and their claws left her with some permanent scarring. When not studying, …

  • Fenris

    Fenris looks a bit like "Techno Viking":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8VrO_ydyCE, only with colorful tattoos and a bit of a Lupine quality to him overall. He's claimed to be quite old, around 1200 years, and to have been originally from Iceland. As …

  • Kamuzu

    Kamuzu is a houngan living in Chicago. He has founded a Damballa-cult, and over the past five years there has been a burgeoning Haitian and Caribbean community on the south side of Chicago.