Tag: The Chantry


  • Cyryl Gorski

    "You rise each night, stalk, hunt, feed, dance the dance of the dead at Elysium, and never wonder why. Sad." Regent Gorsky is young-looking and very handsome, with blonde hair and Eastern European features. His true age is unknown, but he seems to be …

  • Kornelius Wielen

    Kornelius was recently raised to become the Primogen, giving Cyryl time to focus on whatever it is that a Tremere Regent does. Kornelius, on the other hand, is more of a political animal, and seems to enjoy what authority he has.

  • Shem

    Shem arrived at the Chantry sometime in the spring of 1992. He is certainly...sheltered. Not to mention very large, seeming made of stony flesh, and able to fly.

  • Nicolai Antonescu

    "No I'm not lost. Are you stupid or something?" Rather than raise up Tracy, Violetta or Duecallion, Cyryl has called in assistance from a clanmate. Nicolai appears to be a child of about 10, and is fully able to play the part. Most of the time, however …