Tag: Ravnos


  • Shejana

    Shejana is not yet acknowledged by any of the major players in the city. She is a newcomer to Chicago, having arrived late in 1991 (or that is when she was first noticed). She has set herself up as a fortune teller in local parks around the city, and can …

  • Yoska "Joe" Kalderash

    Yoska, or Joe, has worked as a street musician in Chicago for decades, but since the Sabbat showed up he has moved to Milwaukee. He is a rare Ravnos that is open about his linneage, and simply cultivates a reputation as benign

  • Fixer

    "Of course I've got it. Or I can get it. But can you afford it? Let's talk." A long-term resident of the Lower West Side of Chicago, Fixer goes by no other name. He runs a chop-shop that is known for their ability to turn anything around, for a price, …