Tag: Prince


  • Lodin

    "This is my city, make no mistake. Not because I'm the oldest, or the smartest, but because no one can take it from me." Lodin is the Prince of Chicago, a city that is in many ways the heart of the Camarilla in North America. He currently has a loose …

  • Modius

    Modius was driven out by Lodin in the early 80s in a conflict that culminated in the Anarch War. Modius made a bid to become Prince, but was never able to defeat Lodin. In part this was because the Primogen, outwardly at least, were largely neutral in the …

  • Mark Decker

    "I assure you, the Garou are not accustomed to being prey." Decker recently replaced Terrance Merick as Prince of Milwaukee. Not long before, he founded the Anubi, a special organization of Camarilla Archons who specialize in hunting werewolves.