Tag: Priest


  • Duecallion

    Duecallion has been a life-long student of the occult for as far back as he could remember in the days for mortality. As a child he spent his youth in tow of his paternal grandfather. Going state to state, some little understood country to the next. Never …

  • Kamuzu

    Kamuzu is a houngan living in Chicago. He has founded a Damballa-cult, and over the past five years there has been a burgeoning Haitian and Caribbean community on the south side of Chicago.

  • Lolita Houston

    She (Lolita identifies as female) enjoys seducing "straights", seemingly for the challenge it presents. She is often dressed in Dominatrix gear, or something inspired by it. She has traveled to Chicago from Milwaukee, but is not acknowledged with either …

  • Ivan

    Ivan, like [[:phillippe-rigaud | Phillippe Rigaud]], is an Old World vampire nobleman, transplanted to the new world. Unlike many of his clanmates, he maintains little interest in the occult. Cold, calculating and aloof, he seeks insight through the …