Tag: Penumbra


  • Cameron

    Cameron is the pack leader of Penumbra, and is highly ambitious - unfortunately, his pack is not. Obviously he is devoted to the Sabbat and his pack, but one might easily conclude that they are holding him back. He appears older than the rest of his …

  • Lolita Houston

    She (Lolita identifies as female) enjoys seducing "straights", seemingly for the challenge it presents. She is often dressed in Dominatrix gear, or something inspired by it. She has traveled to Chicago from Milwaukee, but is not acknowledged with either …

  • Samson

    Samson is a huge frat-guy type. He makes a big show of not giving a fuck about anything, except perhaps working out. As a result, he's quite a physical specimen, and is Penumbra's enforcer.

  • Butler

    William Butler is an unusual Gangrel, in that he prefers an urban environment, and is also the pack Priest for Penumbra. He is unimpressed.