Tag: Mortals


  • Special Crimes Unit

    The Special Crimes Unit has been re-invigorated, and is now a highly-funded and elite organization in the Chicago PD. This fact is taken as proof of corruption on the force by those who don't know where all the resources go. Captain Alphonsus O'Connor, …

  • Joseph Bernardin

    "We who have faith are called to be a light in these dark days." Cardinal Joseph Bernardin is the head of the Archdiocese of Chicago and the vicar of [[Holy Name Cathedral]], a center for Church activity in Chicago for years. He is middle-aged, young …

  • Robert Mannheim

    "I know what you are, or what you were until I found you. Now you're ash." Brother Robert Mannheim is a Catholic exorcist and vampire-hunter who is known to anyone with Church Influence. He is a large, iron-jawed specimen.

  • Jalal T. Kurien

    Pastor Jalal T. Kurien is the founder and Pastor of Ebeneezer Pentecostal Church of God in Chicago. He has a reputation as a faith-healer and miracle-worker, and his revivals are well-attended. Pastor Kurien has heard of the Prophet, and sees him …