Tag: Elysium


  • The Succubus Club

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/236516/300px-RaveOn.jpg(300px rave on)! The new Succubus Club is much more like a rave, periodically changing location, and never in a place with a set address. It is often housed in abandoned buildings, on build- …

  • Chicago History Museum

    After hours, the Chicago History Museum is claimed as Elysium, and is often the place where Ventrue gather to plot and scheme amongst their Ghouls and pawns.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art

    The Museum of Contemporary Art is Elysium and clearly the domain of the Toreador, their ghouls, blood dolls, hangers-on, and so on. It is common for them to have well-known working artists as guests, Dominating them to create original works on the spot, …

  • Highland Park

    Highland Park is a neighborhood about 30 minutes north of downtown that is home to a number of mansions with a few acres of land each. One of these has been claimed as Elysium by Prince [[:modius | Modius]], the Tremere, [[:inyanga | Inyanga]], and the …