Tag: Elder


  • Lodin

    "This is my city, make no mistake. Not because I'm the oldest, or the smartest, but because no one can take it from me." Lodin is the Prince of Chicago, a city that is in many ways the heart of the Camarilla in North America. He currently has a loose …

  • Edgar Drummond

    "Oh, you're mad? And you're going to do - what exactly? I thought so." Edgar Drummond made his fortune as an extraordinarily corrupt railroad tycoon, and the railroads are still his to command. He doesn't want to hear about the "nonsense" of air …

  • Edward Nealy

    "Mister Nealy's office - how can I direct your call?" Lodin's Seneschal and right-hand lick, Nealy is the one you deal with much more often than the Prince directly. He only has slightly more patience than the Prince, however, so it had better be …

  • Kornelius Wielen

    Kornelius was recently raised to become the Primogen, giving Cyryl time to focus on whatever it is that a Tremere Regent does. Kornelius, on the other hand, is more of a political animal, and seems to enjoy what authority he has.