Jurgis Rudkus

Jurgis Rudkus once worked closely with Khalid, but now counts himself among the city's Anarchs


Sire: Khalid
Childer: Unknown, presumed to be none


“All the yellink and the gunth in the vorld von’t really change anything.”

A Nosferatu and ardent Anarch – it was unknown whether he was destroyed, is still in the city, or has fled to Gary. He did survive, in fact, and remains in Chicago with his friend Tommy Hinds and the other Nosferatu.

He has a stereotypical 20s vampire look and an Eastern European accent of some kind, which he may be playing up. Tall, gangling and large, with overly long arms and fingers and both fangs in front, like buck teeth, giving him a slight lisp.

Due to Donald’s proselytizing, Hinds and Jurgis have had a difference of opinion, politically, though presumably their strange friendship persists. In recent months, they may be seeing more eye to eye once again, given the second failure of the Anarch uprising, this time led by the Nihilists.

Jurgis Rudkus

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