Vincent Thorne

A long-time vampiric inhabitant of Chicago - the Tremere are very curious about him, but won't say exactly why


Vincent has been revealed to be a powerful 6th generation elder of the Yaryan bloodline. He has demonstrated ability in Fortitude, Potence, Protean and Thaumaturgy.


Mr. Thorn has been in the city for a very long time, and remains a mysterious entity. He has never been part of the Camarilla structure, but has not run afoul of it either as of yet. With the possible exception of the Tremere clan, who have taken an interest in his doings and whereabouts for at least a century.

He was one of the seeming kindred, present in the blood dream.

Staked by Calamitious Intent and delivered to then-Archbishop, Vincent might have been interrogated, but was ultimately rescued by Menele. He has not been seen since.

Vincent Thorne

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