Tommy Hinds

Once Lodin's tool, now an Anarch and black sheep among his own Clan


Sire: Lodin


For years, Tommy Hinds was Lodin’s ace in the hole against socialists and Anarch threats. He made his bones years ago as a city councilman, Greenbacker, Labor Unionist and Populist – it is unknown how Lodin brought him into the fold, but once he did, he became Lodin’s weapon against the Unions, Socialists, and the upstart Modius (who was ultimately driven to Gary to be Prince there).

He is the only one of Lodin’s brood to have fully broken away, seemingly, and is now a minor thorn in Lodin’s side – though he has not gone far enough to warrant destruction.

Now that Lodin has fallen, Hinds has put himself forward as a possible leader in Chicago. He remains a man with few friends, however.

In the aftermath of his unforeseen change of heart over Anarch politics, Hinds has thrown his lot in with the Nihilists in Chicago. This change does not seem to have affected his relationship to the still-Idealistic Jurgis Rudkus, though it is rare that anyone actually sees Jurgis unless he wants them to, so this is hard to verify.

Tommy Hinds

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