Switchblade Armoire

A well-known post-hardcore band living and playing in Chicago


The Band’s roster

Frontman: Donald Freeman
Bassist: Tanner Erak
Drummer: “George” Genesio
Lead Guitar: Tom Einhorn

Tanner Erak

Switchblade Armoire’s bassist and Donald’s best bro, Tanner is principled, idealistic, and cautionary, often leading him to act as the yin to Donald’s yang. And when Donald finds himself in a sticky situation, as he usually does, it’s always up to Tanner to bail his buddy out.

The good:
- Intellectually gifted, especially in medicine; has the stuff to be a doctor, but decided music was his passion.
- Morally upright and cautious; always there to remind Donald that so-and-so isn’t a great idea, for such-and-such reasons.
- Extremely loyal; if Donald is in trouble, he’ll always be there to help his buddy out the best he can.

The bad:
- Feels more than a little uncomfortable with taking advantage of people, or directly causing harm to others.
- A little too cautious for his own good; sometimes Donald has to literally drag Tanner along.
- Don’t ask him about social or political issues; he will NOT shut up.

Giorgio “George” Genesio

Switchblade Armoire’s drummer and general “new guy,” George originally hails from New Jersey. His father was apparently a big mob goon, and the two don’t really keep in touch. After all, according to the elder Genesio, “Playing music is for finocchi.” Yeah, that’s “faggots” in Italian. What a fantastic guy George’s dad was.

The good:
- Knows how to hold, operate, and shoot a gun, probably better than his bandmates and most hustlers he meets on the street; “Thanks, dad!”
- His talent from drumming must come from a natural and inherited talent of beating people with baseball bats.
- Actually quite the actor, but never had a chance to join school plays because of his father’s weird insecurities.

The bad:
- Don’t let him drink at a bar; it’s very likely he’ll try and start a fight with a stranger.
- Probably smokes a few too many cigarettes; he smells like an ashtray, and he’s got a bad cough.
- George sleeps around a LOT, and this often gets in the way of more productive activity; “I think he has herpes.” – most people he knows.

Tom Einhorn

The son of a semi-famous heiress, lead guitarist Tom Einhorn comes from money, but has tried not to let it define him. While his mother simply gives lip service to left-wing issues, Tom is the real deal, and would give every last cent of his if it meant feeding the world at large. That being said, while he does donate a significant portion of his allowance, he also knows how to save and spend it wisely.

The good:
- Rich. Seriously. He gets a freaking ridiculous allowance every week.
- While he isn’t fond of the advantages and privileges his wealth brings him, he’s actually quite good with money.
- Thanks to his refusal to just toss things out, when something breaks, he just fixes it; he’s quite the craftsman, actually.

The bad:
- His mother smokes a lot of weed, and Tom smokes a lot more weed, even at the worst possible time.
- Physically weak; this wimp better stay out of the moshpits.
- As his family makes the headlines here and there, Tom can attract unwanted attention from the media at times.

Switchblade Armoire

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