Sophia Ayes

A member of Annabelle's entourage and famed dancer, both ballet and 'exotic' (disappeared)


“You can look, but can’t touch.”

It has been a few weeks since Sophia was last seen at the Succubus Club.

Sophia is a graceful and beautiful dancer, and is clearly enamored with Annabelle, part of her entourage and present at all of her upscale parties. Her love is unrequited, but if anything that makes it more intense, not less.

Ironically, she is often followed by a halo of male hangers-on, older sugar-daddy types as well as younger suitors – she pays them little more attention than Annabelle pays her, though she is fully capable of milking them for tremendous sums of money.

When Sophia was first introduced by Annabelle into Toreador society, it did not go as well as hoped. Sophia’s background was held against her, and since then Annabelle has lost interest in her childe for the most part. Bret’s destruction led to a brief re-ignition of her fickle interest, but it did not last.

Sophia, on the other hand, after getting over hear year-long crush on Portia, seems interested in the newcomer to the Succubus scene, Marguerite

Sophia Ayes

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