Reuben Sturman

An established pornographer with ties to the Gambino family


Reuben Sturman works independently in Chicago, and is not acknowledged by the Camarilla. At the same time, he doesn’t cause the Camarilla any trouble, and does not stick his neck out to a degree where it would become a problem. At least, he hasn’t yet.

He is rarely seen outside the Near North Side Red Light District, just north of the Loop and south of Cabrini-Green. He shares this territory with Priscilla Gibbs, but it is prime territory.

Now that Priscilla is gone, Reuben has been recruited by the Sabbat. He left Cabrini-Green for the Short North, Chicago’s sprawling red-light district. Thanks to him, Chicago has become a center for the porn industry, competing with southern California.

Reuben Sturman

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