Priscilla Gibbs

A reclusive madame, on her own after Gordon's disappearance


Claimed as childe by Gordon Keaton, Priscilla has a great deal of influence in the world of prostitution, particularly high-end escorts in Chicago’s hotel district and VIP rooms.

Anyone observing her would notice that she seems listless and disinterested in unlife. In recent nights, however, out from under Gordon Keaton’s shadow, she seems to have found new motivation.

She has recently joined with Modius’ faction, under her Primogen Carol “Maldavis” Davis, and she is serving as a Harpy.

Later raised to the position of Caitiff “Primogen” with Maldavis’ death, Priscilla was the victim of a Sabbat attack in the center of her domain, the Everleigh Club, which was damaged by fire and by a mad gunman shooting people as they fled the smoke.

Since the attack on the Highland Park Elysium, Priscilla has not been seen, and has likely fled to Milwaukee.

Priscilla Gibbs

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