Phillippe Rigaud

A powerful Lasombra with his own plans for Chicago


Out of character: this is the kindred who was detected as the elder who carries a powerful sense of darkness. He has been Archbishop of Chicago for six years, and has solidified it as a Sabbat holding, taking the Camarilla’s signature city from them.

He is harsh but fair, and has a great deal of support from the Regent in Mexico City. He has not replaced Tyler in his pack, which was reduced to four. Philippe is a hands-on style of Archbishop, and ensures that the Auctoritas Ritae are a regular part of the life of Chicago’s Sabbat.

Breaking from the stereotype, Philippe is not one who manipulates things from the shadows. He leaves influence wars to others, and focuses his energy on keeping the city and fending off Camarilla incursions.

Phillippe Rigaud

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