Night of Thorns

A newly created Templar pack currently running Chicago


Constantine, in the wake of the destruction of his own pack, Sangre Realeza, has been assigned to a Templar pack called Night of Thorns. The other members of the pack have been sent down by the Sabbat Regeant himself.

The Templars came into immediate conflict with the two Black Hand cells currently in Chicago, Yom al-Din and the K-Holes. The Templars are barred from joining the Black Hand, as they should not have an ideological conflict in serving the Reagent, Priscii, Archbishops and Bishops.

Constantine is not the pack leader of Night of Thorns, though he of course assents to the Reagent’s wishes. He is serving as the pack priest, given his knowledge of the various Sabbat paths and Ritae.

Jesus is the pack leader, and the de-facto Brujah Antitribu Archbishop of Chicago, though the purpose of the Knights is to pave the way for the Reagent’s new childe to become Archbishop of what will be the most powerful Sabbat city in the United States.

Whitaker is the third member of Night of Thorns, a traditionalist Ventrue Antitribu. He is relatively old, for a Sabbat vampire, and can remember back to Medieval nights.

Night of Thorns

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