Once again Prince of Chicago - and there was much rejoicing


Childer: Evelyn


Modius was driven out by Lodin in the early 80s in a conflict that culminated in the Anarch War. Modius made a bid to become Prince, but was never able to defeat Lodin. In part this was because the Primogen, outwardly at least, were largely neutral in the conflict. But the Anarchs in Chicago were not able to defeat Lodin’s Brood and his other allies. Modius has since retreated to Gary, a city that simply lacks the resources to support a significant vampire population.

With Lodin’s fall, Modius is once again making a bid for Princedom of Chicago, hoping to draw upon previous Anarch supporters, as well as any who did not flourish under Lodin’s rule.

Supporters: the Nosferatu vigilante Alexander Danov, a creepy Malkavian named Alicia, his childe and Seneschal Evelyn, a Lasombra Antitribu socialite named Felicity March, her sire Lucien, and another Malkavian named Mikal

In the past, Maldavis and Juggler have both had a safe haven in Gary with Modius, as have some of the other Anarchs who fled that way, and he supported the Anarchs in their bid to free themselves a few years ago (it is unclear whether Modius expected to be Prince in return, albeit more lenient).

Once again Prince of the city, Modius only needs to deal with the fact that he is still one of two.


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