Carol "Maldavis" Davis

One of the few Anarchs who "survived" Lodin's wrath, once a decoration for Elysium when it suits his fancy, now missing


Caitiff, but rumored to have some ability with Thaumaturgy. How she gained it is not known.


Maldavis was once the leader of the united Anarchs, before they split into idealist and nihilist camps in the wake of their defeat. She was defeated and captured through her childe’s betrayal. For his part, Derrick Stack was left staked for the sun by Lodin, but Maldavis he kept. She is now a decoration he brings out at Elysium when it suits his fancy – bound in iron bands and staked by a piece of wood held in place by iron, but very much awake and still undead.

During the uprising, Maldavis would have identified as an idealist who was able to rally the nihilists to her cause. Given her current situation, it is very likely that she is now a nihilist.

She has not been seen since the Garou attack – her staked body was not definitively identified in the rubble of the Palmer House Hilton, but she could have been among the ashes.

Carol "Maldavis" Davis

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