A Lasombra Antitribu allied with Modius, perhaps mistakenly


Childer: Felicity March


“Ventrue? No…why do you ask?”

Lucien has been allied with Modius for a long time, though so far all it has netted him is survival. Perhaps that is enough. He has often argued for the position of Lasombra Primogen, but so far Modius has not agreed to such a proposition.

He does not hide his clan background, nor does he keep secret the fact that he shares their power over darkness and shadow.

In line with his strange move of making Carol “Maldavis” Davis into a Caitiff Primogen, Modius has also decided to raise Lucien to the position of Lasombra Primogen. He is in charge of a clan with two representatives in the city, known ones anyway.


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