Lorraine the Prophet of Gehenna

Another member of Lodin's Brood, often under the influence of hallucinogens


Sire: Lodin
Blood bound to: Helena


Lorraine is a neonate, one of the new members of Lodin’s Brood. She comes from a prominent political family, and presumably that is how she came to Lodin’s attention. When she is seen out, she is hunting drug users in the Succubus Club and other locales. She is very wealthy, and a driver, likely a Ghoul, takes here where she needs to go.

The PCs have found that, sometimes at least, she havens at the Palmer House Hilton, and that Lodin seems to be in charge of the place, havening in the fifth floor penthouse.

Lorraine fled the Palmer House when it was attacked, but is currently in hiding. She became a fixture at the Succubus Club, and survived the attack, fleeing with Portia into the night. She has not been seen since, and is presumed to have fled to Milwaukee.

That presumption is of course wrong. She is the Prophet of Gehenna, and her center of operations is the old Essanay Film Manufacturing Company in Uptown.

Lorraine the Prophet of Gehenna

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