Lolita Houston

Attractive but androgynous, a handsome woman or a coy transvestite man


She (Lolita identifies as female) enjoys seducing “straights”, seemingly for the challenge it presents. She is often dressed in Dominatrix gear, or something inspired by it. She has traveled to Chicago from Milwaukee, but is not acknowledged with either of the current Princes, preferring to spend most of her time at the Succubus.

As a member of Penumbra, she is the only one besides Cameron who seems to show some ambition. The nature of her ambitions, however, do not coincide with his. Though the tension grows between them, their Vinculum prevents anything beyond the occasional monomacy between the two.

Otherwise, Lolita is available to assist fellow Sabbat with altering their appearance – even radical changes are possible, as she is something of a specialist. She is also an expert interrogator, and specializes in hard cases like captured Camarilla members.

Lolita Houston

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