Lodin was the Prince of Chicago. Rival Princes, Lupines and Anarchs have all fallen before him - until he in turn fell beneath Garou teeth and claws, betrayed


Lodin is an Elder Ventrue, and keeps his exact capabilities a close secret. Earlier in his career he had to flaunt his Disciplines more and use them more openly, and older characters may know more about what he is capable of. People do what he says, and it’s hard to tell whether he is using Dominate. No one has ever seen him injured or even attacked in earnest, though presumably he has some Fortitude. If he is able to call upon the Presence power of Majesty, he has not used it openly, because that’s the kind of thing you remember. As for other abilities, who knows?


“This is my city, make no mistake. Not because I’m the oldest, or the smartest, but because no one can take it from me.”

Lodin is the Prince of Chicago, a city that is in many ways the heart of the Camarilla in North America. He currently has a loose alliance with Mark Decker, the Prince of Milwaukee, who is a specialist in fighting Lupines. In past conflicts with Lupines in Chicago, Decker has sent some of his ‘Anubi’, Lupine-hunting specialists, to aid the city. It is not known what Lodin sent in return.

The previous Prince of Chicago, Maxwell, was crippled in the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and the city fell apart. Accounts differ wildly, but Lodin rose from the literal and proverbial ashes to become the new Prince in place of his sire. Lodin chose to do things quite differently, however, and quickly Embraced a cadre of supporters who would be loyal to him above all else. Thus, Lodin’s Brood was born, and collectively they have run the city since the early 1900s. (None speak of what happened to those who supported his rise to power)

The Primogen Council functions as advisers to the Prince, and they are responsible for keeping their respective Clans in line. It may be luck or it may be design, but the Primogen do not have among them anyone who would make a very good replacement for the Prince. This does not mean they don’t want to replace him.

In more than 100 years, Lodin’s Brood and his Ghouls have infiltrated the city of Chicago on every level, or so it seems. The Palmer House Hilton seems to be his base of operations. When it was quickly rebuilt after the Great Fire, Maxwell expanded its underground levels considerably, and after Lodin took over the Princedom, he moved in and made himself comfortable. Lodin is widely known for his control of the police force, which he uses as his personal information network and muscle.

Maldavis was the leader of the most recent Anarch uprising, which Lodin crushed. He made sure that Carol “Maldavis” Davis was brought in staked, however, and not destroyed. He keeps her staked corpse hanging in Elysium when he is present there, wrapped in bands of iron which hold a stake in place through her heart. She is quite awake.

Turns out, while no one could take the city from him, a war party of veteran Garou could do so. He killed and beheaded the leader of the Sept, but died in the ensuing battle at the Palmer House.


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