The joker of the Wolf Pack, though what she thinks is funny isn't always so for those involved


Sire: Tyrus
Childer: Rod
Ghouls: Goodman, Brick, Buttercup


“I didn’t mean to impale him. We were jousting. Well, I guess I did mean to impale him, just not that hard.”

Kyrie is the joker of the bunch, and is the only one who is periodically seen off alone. It is not known how the Wolf Pack hunts, but when they are seen, they are almost always seen together.

With the death of Tyrus, Kyrie devoted herself to the Camarilla and was ultimately named an Archon working under Xavier and the Gangrel clan – this was about a year before rumors of the Gangrel’s departure from the Camarilla proved to be true. Though she doesn’t trust him, she has been working with Zachariah Shale, and they are ready to begin making incursions into Chicago in person.

After the death of Tyrus, Kyrie took over the gang. She is not yet an Archon herself, but she is doing all she can to support the ongoing war effort against the Sabbat in Chicago. She is working for Mark Decker for now, but rumors are spreading that the Gangrel are dissatisfied with the Camarilla, which means she may not have a career as an Archon ahead of her…

With Decker’s support, Kyrie was allowed to embrace Rod, and Goodman and Brick are now her Ghouls. She has added a fifth member to The Wolf Pack, Buttercup.


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