Julia Schumpeter

Julia Schumpeter is dead.


Early in the morning of October 4th, Junior Officer Julia Schumpeter was shoved in front of an oncoming elevated train at the 103rd St Station by an unknown African American assailant. She is survived by her sister, Jessica Schumpeter. Her mother and father both passed away when Julia was an adolescent, and she became a ward of the state until she emancipated herself at 16. She was a star student at the Police Academy, graduating early, and was immediately transferred to the Special Crimes Unit of the CPD under Detective Gregory Stephens early in 1992. Anyone with information that might lead to the identification and capture of her assailant should be directed to the CPD Special Crimes Unit office.

“I hope you can feel me watching you while you sleep, you son of a bitch.”

“These? Dragons-breath rounds. We’re not hunting deer.”

Julia Schumpeter has recently been hired by Detective Gregory Stephens to work as a consultant as part of his task force. Her area of expertise, paranormal investigation, has earned her no friends in the department, but for this task force, Stephens’ word is law. For now.

Julia was killed, having just gone off-duty from her new position with the Chicago Police Department Special Crime Unit, assaulted by a crazed African American male and pushed in front of an oncoming L train. She was able to discharge her weapon into the man, but he survived and fled the scene and is thought to still be at large. She is survived by her older sister, Jessica. Her mother and father passed away in a noted murder-suicide a few years ago, leading Jessica to commit herself to the Psychiatric Hospital in the city for long-term care while Julia eventually pursued a career in law enforcement.

Her commanding officer, Detective Gregory Stephens, declined to release a statement.

Julia Schumpeter

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