Replaced when Maldavis re-emerged, thought to be dead or at least captured


Sire: Tyler

Juggler has a reputation for being very fast, exhibiting the natural grace of his clan to the extreme.


Juggler and Maldavis joined forces during the Anarch War in Chicago, creating a temporary truce between Idealists and Nihilists for the purpose of freeing the city from the rule of Lodin and his Brood.

They failed.

Subsequently, Juggler has fled to Gary with Modius, the would-be Prince who sided with the Anarchs in his own bid for power, promising a far more lenient city.

Juggler’s sire, Tyler, did not take direct part in the fight with the Anarchs, despite being Brujah Whip under Lodin. Since the failed Anarch revolt, she is not known to have had direct contact with Juggler, until now. Juggler is the most influential Anarch currently at the Hell House, and while nothing is official (and may never be, being Anarchs) he is something of a front-runner, despite the fact that Tyler is his sire.


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