Joseph Peterson

Lodin's media controller, a staunch defender of America as it should be, skilled at bending the news


Sire: Lodin


“What the fuck is this garbage!? You call this news? You don’t report the news – you make the news. Now get the fuck out of my office and write me something worth reading.”

Arrogant with his newfound power, Joseph is confident that he will be able to keep the kindred out of the news perpetually. In the meantime, he manipulates the news in other ways. He has not made significant inroads into television news – Peterson is a print man, always will be.

The Sun-Times, the Tribune and the Daily Herald are all to some degree under his thumb. There is currently an influence war going on for control of television media, and Peterson is losing.

Having moved to Milwaukee, Peterson remains a Harpy, and has spent five years re-investing himself in various forms of media. He’s moved into television, grudgingly, but still has no time for this Internet business.

Joseph Peterson

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