John Colosimo

An old-school gangster who has learned that threats and violence speak to every generation


Sire: Lodin
Childer: Pham Hong, Murray Humphreys


“Domain or not, you show me respect, or I mail parts of you to your fucking family. Capiche?”

Colosimo was “killed” by Capone in the 1920s after trying to become a competitor. He was snatched up by one Lodin, of Clan Ventrue, and Embraced to further his own goals.

Since then, Colosimo has handled Lodin’s control of the underworld and organized crime. In a twist of fate, he ultimately blood bound Capone, letting him serve as a puppet in public and degrading him in private. When his time was done, he was thrown under the bus, so to speak, and allowed to die off. The lack of vitae was a shock to his system from which he did not recover.

Colosimo is a tremendously busy man – he is embroiled in some kind of decades-long war for control of organized crime. This conflict leaves him easily provoked on most nights, and people have learned to stay away unless they have legitimate business with him.

Added to his busyness is the fact that he has recently been raised to the position of Keeper of Elysium. Edgar Drummond used to be the Keeper, but he was removed from the position after a number of failed parties.

Colosimo was last seen fleeing the Chicago History Museum, his body smoldering in the light of the rising sun, his men covering his flight with a hail of gunfire.

It turns out that Colosimo survived, though a number of members of his crew did not, and after a period of a few months of recovery, he was seen. He has been busy rebuilding his cadre of underworld muscle, and is no longer Keeper of Elysium (which is what presumably made him a Garou target in the first place). It is said that he bears permanent burn scars from his brief time fleeing the Garou in the sunlight.

In the aftermath of the Garou attack, Colosimo has put himself forward as a contender for the position of Prince. His most obvious competitor is Horatio Ballard – older and more influential overall, but probably lacking the raw muscle that Colosimo’s mob contacts wield.

As it stands now, the two members of Lodin’s first and second Broods, respectively, are near going to war or are at war already. Colosimo did all he could to shut down the story of the mob attack that killed an industrialist and his wife and child in their penthouse home, but knows that this kind of thing is likely to provoke Ballard whether Colosimo was behind it or not.

John Colosimo

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