Jason Newberry


Ghouls: Barbie, Polly, Julie.


“Your skin is perfect, like porcelain. May I touch it?”

Jason Newberry is not seen very often in Elysium, but it is generally known that he is Maureen O’Leary’s childe. He is not involved in kindred politics for the most part – of course, neither is his sire most of the time. Technically he is the Malkavian Whip, but it is more often the case that there is no Malkavian on the Primogen Council when it meets.

Jason is somewhat reclusive, but when he is in Elysium or at the Succubus Club, he is very charming.

He is also connected to the rise of the Blood Dolls. They seem to respond to him directly, and are likely serving as his Herd. As many as two dozen of them were seen at the most recent Succubus gathering, and a few of them may be his Ghouls.

Jason’s membership in the Black Hand has perhaps gone defunct. He still maintains a huge herd of Blood Dolls and is still pack leader of Jason’s Angels.

Jason Newberry

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