A wizened African woman, unnerving in her intensity; the Gangrel Primogen


“Fall asleep, stay awake, either way, the world pass you by. But the blood – always the same.”

Inyanga is ancient, alien, inhuman, inscrutable, powerful…and the Gangrel Primogen for as long as there have been kindred in Chicago. She always goes barefoot, even in winter, does not keep any known Ghouls, and is sometimes seen roaming the city on unknown errands.

It is difficult, though possible, to earn her respect. Khalid seems to have done so. Lodin has not, but Inyanga has no apparent desire to be Prince.

She is Ginny’s sire and mentor.

With the fall of the Prince, Inyanga has not sided with any of the contenders. There’s a good chance some of them have taken this as an insult, but it is unlikely anyone will say anything to her. She is individually formidable, but has never been politically active or influential.

Now that the city has fallen to the Sabbat, Inyanga is never seen, though she may still be in the city somewhere.


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