Horatio Ballard

One of Lodin's brood - an enormously fat robber-baron type from the turn of the century, has declared himself Prince of Chicago


“This duck ::mmph:: is delectable. Want any? No? Pity. Now, about what you owe me…”

Ballard is one of Lodin’s brood; in life a wealthy industrialist and general fat-cat, literally and figuratively. Some say that Ballard is a big reason why Chicago has thrived and Gary, in contrast, is a shit-hole.

He is enormously fat, and unlike almost all of his kindred, Ballard is still able to eat – and he does so prodigiously. He knows it unnerves some of his kind, and he uses this to advantage.

Ballard is the most powerful of Lodin’s Brood, the Ventrue Primogen, and the two of them know that they rise and fall together.

Now that Lodin has fallen while Ballard survives, he is making a play for the position of Prince himself. It seems that when one falls, another can perhaps rise.

The member of the Brood contesting Ballard for the position is John Colosimo, and if the two are not at war yet, it is likely to be inevitable, even before an attack on a factory and the murder of a well-known industrialist along with his family in his penthouse a few days ago.

Ballard’s supporters: Alan Sovereign, Balthazar, Ian Gibson, Joseph Peterson, Robert Weatherbottom, Tyrus, Kyrie

Ballard’s Primogen: Annabelle Treabel, Balthazar, Doyle Fincher, Maureen O’Leary (in absentia), Nathaniel, Alan Sovereign, no Tremere support at present

Horatio Ballard

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