Gregory Stephens

A detective, once head of the SCU, now deceased


Detective Stephens rose through the ranks of the force rapidly, being a highly intelligent and motivated officer from the beginning. He has since plateaued, and the reason is that he regularly requests the strangest, hardest to solve homicides in his precinct, and he is even brought on to consult on unusual homicides in other parts of Chicago. This means that many of his cases go unsolved, and that does not reflect well on him.

In light of the intense violence in the summer of 1991, Stephens has been put in charge of a small task force. Charged with reducing violence in the city and responding to unusual cases, he remains something of a pariah in his department, but now he is a pariah with a little bit of manpower, becoming Acting Commander of the Special Crimes Unit of the CPD.

Gregory Stephens

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