Gengis is something of a walking cliche - a rebellious Brujah gangster


“You the wrong dude, at the wrong time, in the wrong ’hood. You better have a good reason.”

Genghis, assumed to be a lingering Brujah Anarch, remains in the city and presumably active. He is a source of illegal guns for neonates – or was, before the war. He is also an influential gang leader on the south side and has a reputation for cop-killing.

Genghis, long known to espouse the violent overthrow of the establishment, has been laying low, but still has considerable Anarch cred, particularly among the nihilists.

While he is not a regular at the Succubus Club, he can be seen there from time to time, cutting a deal with fellow Bloods, negotiating with other gangs, or making large sales of contraband.


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