A long-time Chicago fixture, helping people buy and sell things they're not supposed to


“Of course I’ve got it. Or I can get it. But can you afford it? Let’s talk.”

A long-term resident of the Lower West Side of Chicago, Fixer goes by no other name. He runs a chop-shop that is known for their ability to turn anything around, for a price, and is able to find anything for the right price.

With the recent change in management, Fixer has been stuck in the city because that is where his contacts are. He tries to avoid any direct dealings with Sabbat members, as he’d rather not be “recruited”, or diablerized.

Unfortunately for Fixer, the Sabbat got to him when they took the city in 1992, and they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Mostly because he was hit on the head with a shovel and buried.


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