Elzbieta "Lizzie" Jurofsky

A stocky Polish immigrant, good-natured and brutally strong


Lizzie has a reputation for being strong, even for a Nosferatu. She is able to get around well enough without revealing herself, but she does not seem to be able to change her appearance, and simply goes in the guise of a homeless woman if not hidden.

Sire: Khalid


“I could vipe smirk off of your face, but your face would never be the same. Is up to you.”

“Lizzie” is one of Khalid’s brood, an early immigrant to the Midwest in the previous century.

There are stories that she came to Khalid’s attention because of some kind of conflict with another elder. Either the conflict was resolved, or remains secret, or both. Now she serves as his Whip, though she is not often at Primogen meetings, perhaps because of the previous incident, whatever it was.

Lizzie has by all accounts remained in Chicago, though of course it is always hard to track Nosferatu one way or another. If Khalid is indeed still in the city, then Lizzie almost surely is.

Elzbieta "Lizzie" Jurofsky

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