Edward Nealy

Lodin's trusted Seneschal, intelligent and capable but seemingly lacking in personal ambition


Sire: Lodin
Ventrue Seneschal


“Mister Nealy’s office – how can I direct your call?”

Lodin’s Seneschal and right-hand lick, Nealy is the one you deal with much more often than the Prince directly. He only has slightly more patience than the Prince, however, so it had better be something good.

His office is packed with phones that are constantly ringing and retainers answering them throughout the night. He is in charge of keeping track of kindred influence in the city and how it is being used, working to integrate it into Lodin’s plans.

Nealy does not seem to have ambitions of his own. He is not an automaton, but he seems to be satisfied with being an excellent Seneschal.

As Seneschal, he is often primarily concerned with maintaining the Masquerade. He exacts a tremendous price for any help that he gives, and for breaches that he has to learn from after the fact, he simply refers the case to the Sheriff.

Edward Nealy was torn apart by Garou during their attack on the Palmer House Hilton.

Edward Nealy

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