Edgar Drummond

Corrupt railroad tycoon and robber-baron


Sire: Lodin
Ventrue Harpy


“Oh, you’re mad? And you’re going to do – what exactly? I thought so.”

Edgar Drummond made his fortune as an extraordinarily corrupt railroad tycoon, and the railroads are still his to command. He doesn’t want to hear about the “nonsense” of air travel – the railroads were good enough for the past, and they’ll be good enough for the future.

Edgar Drummond’s territory centers on the area where Chicago’s train yards are, where more than a dozen tracks come into the city proper. He can sometimes be found in or near the Stock Yards Shipping Company, which handles a lot of specialized freight coming into the city, just east of the switching yards.

It turns out, trains are still a good way to smuggle vampires into and out of a city. While Drummond’s stock has fallen in the past decades, he is still a key player in terms of kindred mobility. Not to mention, everyone coming in or going out of the city by train is ultimately at his mercy.

As Harpy, Drummond is known to favor his own supporters. He is allowed by Lodin to give this kind of preferential treament, if nothing else than because he is hated by the Brujah and anyone else with Anarch leanings.

Drummond has contempt for the poor, as well as those of poor blood, and in his mind this includes the majority of Brujah and Nosferatu.

Drummond has not been seen since the Garou attack, and is presumed dead or to have fled the city. The train system currently has no one in control, as that was his purview.

Edgar Drummond

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