Doyle Fincher

A big, scary throwback to the cattle-yards of early 20th century


Sire: Inyanga

Childer: Rosa Hernandez


“Shh. Your time has come, beloved. Don’t fight it – accept the change.”

Doyle, often called “Sledgehammer Doyle”, is Inyanga’s childe. He has the intense gaze of a moral crusader. He is one of the Sheriff’s Deputies, called up to assist with particularly dicey situations. He wields a big hammer, kills people as readily as he used to kill cattle, back in the day.

Fincher controls the old stockyards just south of the city where he keeps a significant herd of cattle, periodically restocked by way of cattle-car. During the battle against the Anarchs, Doyle would allow injured kindred to feed from his herd, though of course he would always exact some price. His territory was considered neutral ground in the city, and some still think of it that way.

Recently raised to the position of Keeper of Elysium at the John Hancock Center, Doyle is not your usual Keeper, and presumably will be replaced with someone more refined when the war for Chicago is over. But as it stands, he is in charge of security for the building, and has access to Balthazar’s police influence to help in this regard.

Doyle Fincher

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