A Caitiff Anarch punk and nihilist, seemingly roaming the city; AKA Richard Banner


Childer: Jack Elroy


“You never wonder who’s behind all the weird shit going on? Think about it. Who has powers no one else understands? Who are the ones who are in lock-step, always working together? And the way they look at you. You know who I’m talking about.”

Dickie, still technically an Anarch according to anyone who happens to care, is beneath much notice right now. He shows up in various parts of the city, avoiding quality hunting grounds, and sometimes makes an appearance at the Succubus Club.

Dickie is a connoisseur of the hardcore punk scene in Chicago, and is known among anarchists and nihilists.

With the lack of oversight, Dickie is one of a number of kindred who have secretly Sired someone. He has been seen, in the scene, with Jack Elroy. The two are now ‘partners’ in business, Jack the front-man for Kill Them All, and Dickie their manager. Under his direction, they have been doing quite well for themselves, and are now the premier underground hardcore band in Chicago.

In recent months, Dickie has continued to hang out with Gengis regularly, at Hell House and elsewhere. He is less into music and more into mayhem.

Strangely, Dickie did not end up being the pack leader of Hoodwink. That fell to his childe, Jack.


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