Cyryl Gorski

The Tremere Regent of Chicago, now Primogen in Milwaukee


Chicago’s Chantry is a long-standing and very important one in the Tremere Clan – perhaps the most powerful in North America, or it was for a time a few decades ago. It stands to reason that Cyryl is very powerful.


“You rise each night, stalk, hunt, feed, dance the dance of the dead at Elysium, and never wonder why. Sad.”

Regent Gorsky is young-looking and very handsome, with blonde hair and Eastern European features. His true age is unknown, but he seems to be both powerful and capable as a Primogen, despite mistrust of his clan and the fact that there are few of them in Chicago. He recently handed over Primogen-ship to Kornelius Wielen, his childe, in order to focus on ‘Chantry affairs’.

When Primogen, Cyryl seemed to know much of what was going on in the city, and it is suspected that he maintained a large spy network of some kind that reported directly to him.

Presumably Cyryl has maintained his spy network in Chicago through the years of Sabbat domination. He has also been very busy working on a project for the Circle of Seven themselves (the heads of the Tremere Clan) which is soon coming to fruition.

Cyryl Gorski

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